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Tom Gentile is widely known as America’s #1 Pattern Trader thanks to his nearly 30 years of experience spotting lucrative patterns in researching options trading. Now, he’s harnessed the money-making power of his patent-pending software to uncover the biggest, fastest profit opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets.

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Tom Gentile here, welcoming you to Microcurrency Trader!

Currencies make up the biggest market in the world today.

In fact, every single day, up to $6.6 trillionis traded in the currency market.

But there’s something extraordinary happening in this massive global market…

It’s all hidden in a tiny offshoot that’s helping regular, everyday Americans become rich in the blink of an eye.

They’re called microcurrencies – and it’s your turn to take advantage of these major moneymakers.

But there’s only one way to cash in on the microcurrency craze – and that’s to trade it.

So a few months ago, I harnessed the lucrative power of my patent-pending suite of proprietary tools.

It’s the same sophisticated software that I used to deliver 235 double- and triple-digit winning recommendations to my paid subscribers so far this year.

That’s life-changing money, to be sure, but the results I’ve seen with microcurrencies have been nothing short of amazing.

And unlike most of the so-called microcurrency experts, I’m not simply guessing which coins are going to return 1,000% or more to my readers.

First, I do the work for you and filter out the garbage – the scams and the coins that aren’t even worth a penny of your hard-earned cash. This may seem like a lot… but my team of researchers is constantly scrubbing the Internet to get you the best information on the latest currencies.

Then, I use my powerful software to decode price patterns on hundreds of coins to pinpoint the best times to get in (often for pennies) and get out – sometimes for gains as high as 20,000%.

Whether you’re new to microcurrencies or are already invested in them, this service is for you.

I’ll give you everything you need to make a fortune in the most exciting corner of today’s market, including:

  • My Six-Part Video Bootcamp, where I’ll show you how to become your own “inside man” and show you everything you need to know to get started trading microcurrencies.
  • My Daily Debrief, where you’ll get the latest and biggest news from the currency markets – and my analysis of exactly what that means for your money.
  • My Weekly Watchlist, where I’ll update you each and every week on the market’s hottest coins.
  • Weekly live Trading Sessions, where you can virtually stand behind my shoulder as I show you how to trade the coins that are about to make investors 1,000% or more.

Now let’s get started.

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